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Monthly Archives: September 2019

3 Leadership Styles in the Healthcare Industry by Bill Sugg

 Every leader has an approach to management in the healthcare industry. Depending on the organization, different strategies will be more successful in some environments more than others. It takes years of experience and education to know which leadership style to implement. However, knowing which approach works best will help senior executives better manage the organization. […]

Three Best Practices for Corporate Universities with Bill Sugg

Initially, corporate universities were designed to help the company match their training program to the organization’s long-term vision. Since their creation in mid-century, corporate universities have managed to stay relevant and useful in modern times. However, as new generations join the workforce, corporate universities need to shift and adapt to meet current demands and changing […]

Bill Sugg’s Expert Healthcare Management Tips

The healthcare industry is ever-evolving. New legislation and policy changes affect the way leaders choose their management strategy. To operate a healthcare business efficiently, leaders must recognize changes and make the proper adjustments. Bill Sugg, a healthcare executive with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, offers his expert healthcare management tips. Build Relationships […]